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How many people do you know that are unaware that fruit and vegetables are good for them? Or that a poor diet is one of the primary causes of fatigue? How many people, despite this knowledge, struggle to maintain a balanced diet? You are most likely one of these people, and that’s ok. But why? What drives us to continue to make, let’s say, less great food choices, when most of us know the heart healthy foods and the good sources of protein? The answer is simple, knowledge just isn’t enough.

Today’s world is built on convenience, convenient tech, convenient business, and the trail blazer in convenience? Of course, is food! Why would we get up 15 minutes earlier to make porridge with blueberries for breakfast when we can snooze and eat a high sugar breakfast bar on our way out of the door? Saving time can feel like the number one priority and fresh fruit and veggies don’t always factor into this equation. But when we take even one minute to reflect, none of us has any greater gift than our good health. Whether it gives us the ability to care for our kids into their adulthood, to have fulfilling careers that don’t break us, or to simply regain confidence in our physical bodies.

It’s important to never underestimate the power that habits have over our food choices. It’s human nature to take comfort in the familiar, which is why it can be so difficult to break that daily coffee and croissant routine on the way into the office, for instance. These learned behaviours continue to drive decisions that even though we know we could be making better ones, we continue with habits that are well known to us, we settle in to the familiar and avoid the unknown.

In my career as a nurse and subsequently doing my fair share of night shifts, I was all too familiar with hunger pangs and cravings. It could be 3 am until I realised, I hadn’t eaten and suddenly I’m halfway through a packet of jammy dodgers! Needless to say these types of snacks didn’t exactly make the night shift feel easier, as my blood sugar peaked and troughed throughout the day and night so did my motivation. I knew how to get more energy – a balanced diet! I knew how to manage anxiety – move, stretch, and care for my body. I knew how to strengthen my immune system – get more sleep. But my bad habits had spiralled, and I was stressed out, knackered and perpetually ill.

I remember dragging my heals home, dreaming of getting into bed. Now I practice what I preach in Novo Health Coaching, I often wonder what my energy levels could have been if I was making healthier food choices back then. I’m not even talking about living on nuts and seeds and depriving myself, but having regular snacks that nourished my body instead of giving it another challenge to overcome, on top of the night shift! There’s no way I was eating biscuits in the night thinking it was good for me, but like it is for many of us, it felt like a means to an end. Get that sugar kick in quickly so I can keep my energy levels up, ignoring the inevitable dip that follows.

What made it possible to ignore my instincts was that all the other nurses were doing exactly the same thing, the culture I worked in exacerbated my behaviours, it validated the idea that the only way to make it through a night shift was to fuel up on caffeine and sugar, after all didn’t, we deserve it?  So, you would have thought that once I finished working nights I would have cleaned up my act right? Of course not, I carried on with the familiar; it was easier that way.

The early stages of motherhood didn’t help my cause either and I found comfort in snacking on convenient high sugar foods, again, I deserved a treat, right? If I’m honest it was only really after I gave up nursing and started to study to become a health coach when I began to feel and live the benefits of practicing what I already knew.

As I began to re-establish my own healthy eating practice through limiting my consumption of refined carbs and increasing my consumption of leafy greens, fruit and veg, I began to really understand the impact of having unbalanced diet really means. I have not only learned the true consequences of refined sugar on my health but I have begun to really practice different behaviours around healthy eating. Some days are more successful than others, but for me the key is making small changes repeatedly and not giving myself a hard time after inevitable slips.

The benefits I have experienced to date are priceless, but I namely find I have much more energy every day and I choose to fuel my body with nourishing foods and  lifestyle choices that feed my soul.

 At this point you may be wondering how to make these small changes over time, how do you build new habits and help to re-build a healthier version of you?

Well, this is where health coaching comes in! Health coaching is a branch of life coaching that hacks key psychological principles. It offers you a way to get back your health back on track. As a health coach, I work with clients to help them embrace their health journeys, whether you are recovering from an illness, managing life stressors, or aiming to lose weight, I can help. Wherever the imbalance is, I have the knowledge, commitment and tools help you reach and maintain your health and wellbeing goals.

This is by no means a quick fix. I will learn as much as I can about you, your current behaviours around food and your wellbeing. We will work together to reach your health goals and beyond, to help you to maintain them in the long term. Coaching puts you in the driving seat and I will be along for the ride to support you and help keep you accountable and moving forward every step of the way.

In addition to this, the educational aspect of my programmes assists you in establishing healthy behaviours around nutrition, intention setting, breaking habit loops and embracing fitness in a way that plays to your strengths. These changes will have a positive impact on your health, your relationships and your career. This approach is sustainable, safe and evidence based. Establishing nutritional balance gives you the opportunity to try nourishing and exciting meals and restore symmetry in mood and energy levels, it’s an all-round win-win!

I am deeply passionate about helping people to reach their health and wellbeing ambitions and I can’t wait to start your journey with you.

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