Hello, I’m Ellie, your personal Online Health Coach!

I worked as a Mental Health Nurse for over a decade. Years of night shifts, high workplace stress and grab-and-go meals were all impacting my wellbeing. I found myself bringing my work home and I was exhausted most of the time.
After the difficult birth of my first child, I realised I had been putting my own health and wellbeing on the back burner. I decided to take back control of my health, work life and family life.
On my journey to becoming a qualified health coach, I have been able to make sustainable changes to my diet, practice better sleep hygiene, optimise my overall health and, most significantly, learn how to manage stress. Now I’m able to combine my years of experience working in healthcare and my own personal journey to bring you Novo Health Coaching.  My coaching practice helps the busy and time-poor find space to commit to improving their health.
I often look back at the post-partum period and wonder how things might have been different if I’d had someone to support me in figuring out how to  manage stress and subsequently reduce those damaging stress hormones. Today it’s my mission to help you reach sustainable health goals whilst juggling the daily grind. I work in a pragmatic, non-judgemental manner to help you realise results and maintain them.
Health coaching is not an extension of my medical practise by helping you find the sustainable best way to lose weight, eat a balanced diet, and learn how to manage stress, your mental wellbeing will improve. I do not assess, treat, or cure mental illness my role as a coach. This commitment helps me to stay within my scope of practice and keep you focussed on developing your wellbeing.
I can’t wait to work with you as you make your journey towards sustainable health!

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